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Our birth was recorded over 40 year ago. Since then our company grew from a small “living room” operation into a big family owned business focusing mainly on health care products. Our product wide range of 100% natural products contain all different angle of pain relief and other body relieves which can be healed on pure natural basis.

We are very passionate to HELP YOU. We know that you are in pain prior visiting our website. We can insure you that we are here to help, give useful tips about your health via our blog, so that you are able to find the right product for quick and permanent pain & muscle relief.

Our focus is about you as a valued customer. You should be honored and treated with the upmost respect. Our affordable range of products include Tiger Balm Brand, Siang Pure Brand, Counterpain Brand and many other natural brands that you are familiar with.

Our Team wishes all of you great & improved health, happiness and prosperity in life.