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Counterpain Muscle Relaxant Cream – Instant Pain Relief

Counterpain cream is by far the most reliable muscle relaxant cream in the UK and EU markets. The remedy comes in cool, warm, and anti-inflammatory versions to treat every aspect of muscle pain. The cream’s primary purpose is to aid and provide instant soothing relief in case of joint or muscle discomfort. As mishaps do happen during exercise or in your regular daily life, the muscle relaxant cream always stands by your side. Swelling is caused by an increase of fluid inside the cell structure. The cool analgesic version reduces the swelling as it gently cools the area down and aids the needed reduction of soreness.

The Counterpain muscle relaxant cream warm rd and Plus versions take natural care any muscle and joint pain caused by rheumatism, arthritis, or other related instances. Many Muay Thai athletes do use the Namman Muay Thai Boxing Cream & Oil for the same purpose to ease and loosen the muscle structure before and after any event.

Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Ammeltz Yoko Yoko Analgestic Liquid 82ml


Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Counterpain Cool Cream 120 gram


Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Counterpain Plus Anti Inflammatory Cream 50g


Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Muay Cream – Namman Thai 100g


Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Siang Pure Muscle Cream (Pain Relief)


Counterpain Cream

Tiger Balm Muscle Rub 30g