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Nasal Stick – Amazing Inhaler aids for Express Nose Soothing

Everyone should have it in your pocket. The nasal stick is the perfect vertigo treatment on the go. It stops your dizziness and relief stress so quickly that you do not even know you had it a minute ago. Take an intense breath, inhale deeply, and feel the essential oils doing its magic in seconds. The collection of the nasal stick is a 100% natural products and a brilliant alternative to nose sprays. The inhalers are gentle to your nose in every aspect. Poy Sian nasal inhaler stick or Ya Dom is by far the most famous brand. Simply inhale and feel the relaxation – so simple, but so powerful!

Cold and stuffy nose remedy

Inhaler Stick Jarungjit Herbal


Cold and stuffy nose remedy

Siang Pure Nose Inhaler (Blocked Nose)


Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Eagle Brand Oil Medicated 24ml


Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Siang Pure Roll On Oil Yellow/White 3ml


Cold and stuffy nose remedy

Siang Pure Oil Formula 1 – 3cc


Nasal Stick - The three different types and its uses

Moreover, there are three types to choose from. The first type is a liquid version with a roll-on letting you apply the oil directly under your nose. The second variant is the nasal stick, which can be placed right inside the nostrils for a deep inhale. The third type is a small jar, which includes a secret mix of dried herbs. Just choose your personal preference – An inexpensive bargain with long-lasting effects. Poy Sian nasal inhaler stick or Ya Dom is by far the most famous brand used by many people worldwide.

Our premium selection of nose inhaler stick comes from popular brands proven to work for generations. The herbs and natural ingredients are also widely used in Chinese Medicine since ancient years to guarantee fast results. Those nose inhaler stick are excellent to put a stop to a handful of ligaments by combining aromatherapy attributes.

Two bright examples of the natural ingredients are the eucalyptus oil and the peppermint oil. Most nasal sticks take advantage of their powerful properties. Eucalyptus oil is fantastic when it comes to respiratory problems. As soon as you use the inhaler, your airways will start to clear up, and finally, you would be able to breathe easily again. No more congestion, no more stress.

On the other hand, peppermint oil has been found to offer great relief from nausea, an issue that troubles many people nowadays. Apart from this, it also relieves headaches, migraines, and problems that affect everyone’s life quality.

A stress-free life is something that anyone can have now with the nasal stick. Carry this small ally always with you and put a stop immediately to headaches, congestion, vertigo, dizziness, and nausea. No need to wait anymore. Our premium selection awaits you in this category with the most competitive price online.