Body Odor Treatment – Smelly Feet and Armpit Smell

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Body odor such as smelly feet and armpit smell are a natural occurrence from the human body but can be very unpleasant for many people if the system gets out of balance. Every person has a unique scent, which is the reason why we are attracted to some people more than others. Our skin releases around two-liters of water every day. Therefore, you should stay well hydrated, always.

Each person has their own unique bacteria flora (Body Odor), creating a bacterial strain depending on which strain of bacteria the gland breaks down. Yes, I know these are a lot of medical terms, but necessary to understand the whole topic.

Usually, the smell of sweat is not unpleasant, but if you notice an acid kind of scent, in most of the cases, some more underlying health issues might be the reason.

TIP: REDUCE THE TRIGGERS OF SWEATING – Any body odor treatment is useless when not, the root of the problem is tackled first!

The main cause of body odor

The smell arises once bacteria break down on the outer skin layers. Primarily the long-chain fatty acids are broken down by the sweat-bacteria producing a butyric acid chain of events. This reaction is the reason why the sweat now starts to smell.

What exactly influences the smell of sweat?

  • The different unique bacteria and current body pH-level
  • A teenager during puberty has a lot of times problems with sweat due to the changes in the body
  • Men and women have different scents
  • Certain illnesses can influence the sweat
  • Your eating habits (onion and garlic changes the scent)
  • Habits of drinking too much alcohol or smoking
  • Ammonia smell: This is a signal from the body telling you that the carbohydrates storage is empty. The body uses a lot of carbohydrates during exercise, causing the smell.
  • Sweet Odor: might be a sign of diabetes
  • Acidic Odor: When overeating of acidity food such as sugar, junk food, and meat occurs, the acid odor appears.


Smelly feet can have different kinds of causes. One of the possibilities is that it is generic; the other most common purpose is the prevention of overheating the body. Our body protects itself from overheating (fever) by using sweat to release all the excessive heat. Here are some useful smelly feet treatment tips on how to stop the unpleasant body odor from smelly feet:

Our Smelly Feet Remedy Tips:

  1. Keep shoes dry: The wetter the shoes are, the better the bacteria can thrive in this environment, causing excessive sweat.
  2. Wear open shoes in summer: Wear Flip-Flop for the feet to able to breathe. The sweat can evaporate and will not be trapped inside a closed shoe.
  3. Leather instead of plastic shoes: Leather is very good at absorbing sweat compared to plastic. As of this reason, stay away from plastic shoes.
  4. Disinfect running shoes: Shoes that you often wear, use a disinfection spray to kill off any bacteria that might collect on the inside.
  5. Use cotton socks only: Thin cotton socks beat any synthetic socks by tenfold. The same principle applies here as with plastic shoes
  6. Opt for leather insole: In case you have by nature sweaty feet, put a thin leather insole inside the shoes. The leather will do an excellent job of absorbing the feet sweat.
  7. Do a foot bath: Daily, wash your feet with lemon or lavender oil. Do not forget the spaces between the toes as well.
  8. Apply Foot-Lotion: Special foot lotions create a protective layer around the skin, and lesser sweating is the result of it.
  9. Foot-Deodorant-Sprays: The foot-lotion also comes in spray form. It is your personal choice which version you prefer
  10. Use Baby-Powder: The powder will close the skin glands responsible for the sweat.
  11. Wash in cold/hot exchange: It is proven that washing the feet in exchange with cold and hot water reduces sweating of the feet


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If you sweat a lot from your armpit area and also have these gigantic wet spots on your shirt, it is time to take action. Excessive sweating can be very embarrassing, causing people to stay at a safe distance from you. Here are some of the most effective ways to battle the armpit smell:

The classic deodorant

Many good antiperspirant deodorants are available on the market to tackle armpit smell. However, look for some better quality ones as the cheaper ones will not help too much. The best time to use it is actually in the evening.

It might surprise you as it is more common to apply the deodorant in the morning. The reason is that our body’s circulation is getting slower, and naturally, the sweat glands are reduced. Therefore, the body learns better to handle sweating in the longterm.

How do deodorants work? Simple, it narrows the sweat glands under the armpit to reduce sweating.

Get a Botox

Uhh, I should get a Botox to reduce sweating? Yes, Botox also stops sweat very well, like a deodorant. The only difference is that a Botox injection lasts for around six to eight months. The Botox cuts the impulse transmission between nerves and the sweat glands, stopping, therefore, sweating. This method is mainly used only in extreme cases. If you are brave enough, give it a try!

Regular Shaving & Washing

An excellent way to prevent sweat smell is to use an antiseptic soap twice daily. In combination with short armpit hair and antiseptic soap, the smelly microorganisms will have very little chance to survive in such an environment. Shaving the armpit hair regularly is highly recommended as the skin can breathe easier and promotes skin ventilation in the armpit area.

Body Odor Treatment

Excessive body odor is mainly caused by smoking, too much alcohol, or lack of keeping the body clean. This measurement help against the smell of sweat:

  • A pH-neutral soap will not destroy the natural acid-shield of the skin. If the shield is functional as usual, it reduces the unpleasant smell of sweat.
  • Wear only clothes made out of natural fabrics such as cotton or linen.
  • Avoid Synthetic clothes as they lead to heat build-up around the body
  • Do not drink vast amounts of alcohol or caffeine
  • Avoid spices such as garlic, onions or other exotic ones
  • In case you are overweight, reduce weight
  • Do regular exercise such as running or cycling as the body learns to cope better with sweating.

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