How can Feng Shui help to improve your Health

feng shui health

To explain, Feng Shui is a Chinese Metaphysics study developed over 2000 years ago by the ancient scholars. No, it is not a religion but certainly a study how energy influences our environment.

To illustrate, as our earth orbits around the sun in a year, twenty years, and even in a Great Year, the energy of the stars do change. Feng Shui is an art to tap into the current auspicious energy pattern that we receive from our geocentric magnetism pole here on earth.

Once our home was built in a certain period, this energy has been trapped inside the four walls to influence the residence who live there. As everything cannot be positive, in Feng Shui we have also to deal with negative energy. The key here is to neutralize all bad energy and enhance all the bad energy. 

The main focus has to be on the health issue of every person. Health is the most important factor as without a good body health no happiness, balance, and of cause financial freedom can be archived. Keep this in mind. When a person is sick, there are two reasons to look at:

  1. See if there are any negative energies inside the house
  2. Each person is born under an unique energy pattern which influences body organs aka behavior.

Is number 1 and/or number 2 out of balance, we will feel it. I highly suggest to get more familiar with this topic about What is Feng Shui to help improve your life.

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