Quick Relief from Back Pain – 20 Tips

how to relieve back pain quick

Back pain is a health problem that affects almost everyone. Therefore to how to do a quick relief from back pain should be high up on your to-do list. From the oldest to the youngest, the causes are very diverse: stress, poor diet, lack of physical activity, office work, poor posture, bent back, intense effort, bad habits, and the list goes on and on.

The most common syndromes show up as pain in the upper or lower back or hips, reduced flexibility of the spine, and sleep disorders. Back pain can cause you a lot of discomforts and ruin your life. You are no longer able to carry out your daily tasks with ease, and this affects your mood, especially when the pain is chronic. Whatever the cause of your back pain, here are 20 quick relief from back pain tips that can help relieve back pain and prevent future problems.

Quick relief from lower back pain at home (also upper!)

1. Maintain proper posture during activities

One of the collateral symptoms of the current VIDOC-19 pandemic is back pain! Confined at home, working remotely for a few hours, cocooning on a couch, we just simply don’t pay attention to our posture.

It is, therefore, essential to protect your lower back from injury, and to do this, you must maintain good posture at all times. For example, avoid sagging the back as much as possible and try to keep your spine straight. When you stand up, bend and straighten your knees, not your waist. Therefore, be sure to move your hips when you turn from side to side.

If you have a desk job, keep your feet firmly on the floor and use a chair that offers support for your lower back. Also, avoid leaning forward too much to see your computer screen and too far away to use your mouse or keyboard.

2. Stretch to ease back pain

Stretching can be essential to relieve chronic and distressing back pain and to anticipate future lower back problems. Since back muscles stretch in many different directions, it is best to perform a variety of stretches. Low back stretches involve the following movements:

  • Lie flat on your back and pull your knees toward your chest.
  • Lie flat on your back with your arms outstretched in the “T” position, bend one knee and turn in the direction of your right leg while trying to touch your bent knee to the floor.
  • Lie on your stomach with the arms stretched out above the head while lifting the chest and/or legs off the floor

3. Remain active

If you suffer from lower back pain, don’t succumb to the temptation to nail yourself to the bed. In fact, moving around and engaging in gentle stretching exercises can help your lower back muscles heal faster. However, don’t overexert yourself, move carefully within your comfort zone.

Be aware that muscles and joints that are activated regularly are less likely to stiffen and become blocked. Taking short walks or bike rides is also very beneficial to your health. If you feel slight stiffness, the movement will help you to recover.

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Natural remedies for upper back pain

Here are some of the most useful and reliable natural remedies for upper back pain (lower as well):

4. Back Pain Cold compress

A grandmother’s trick, perhaps, but one that remains, nonetheless effective, and on the agenda. Simply apply cold compresses made of ice, and this will relieve your lower or upper back pain. If you don’t have ice on hand, you can also use a bag of frozen vegetables. Here’s how to do it:

  • Put a bowl of crushed ice in a plastic bag and wrap it in a towel. Put the compress on the painful area for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Repeat several times, leaving about 30 minutes between applications.

5. Ginger for back pain relief

It’s also a 100% natural grandmother’s recipe. It is frequently used to treat vomiting, but it can also be used to treat back pain. The anti-inflammatory ingredients in ginger may help relieve your pain.

You can drink 2 or 3 times daily for a few days or until you notice that your pain has subsided.

6. Eat Basil leaves

Fresh basil leaves can also relieve your back pain. The recipe is very simple.

  1. Put 12 to 14 basil leaves in a bowl of water and heat until half of the water evaporates.
  2. Allow to cool to room temperature, then add a pinch of salt.
  3. In case of lesser pain, drink this elixir once a day; in case of more severe pain, drink it twice a day.

7. Eat Poppy seeds

Poppy seeds have undeniable nutritional properties that can work miracles to relieve back pain.

  • Put 100 grams of poppy seeds and the same amount of organic sugar in a blender.
  • Drink two teaspoons of this drink twice daily. Right afterward, drink a glass of milk.
  • This mixture has a delicious taste reminiscent of hazelnut and pine nut.

8. Consider using over-the-counter pain relievers

Over-the-counter painkillers, including anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, are the workhorses of back pain because they have the power to reduce swelling. At any rate, to get the most out of these pain killers, it is advisable to take them each day as indicated for several days at a time when you are experiencing the pain. As these medications may have side effects, it is best to consult your doctor before taking them.

9. Relieve the pain with this alternation between cold and hot

Cold therapy helps reduce inflammation and pain. By applying an ice bag wrapped in a thin cloth to the sore areas of your back, you will be able to neutralize the pain and inflammation caused by an injury. Repeat this action several times a day for up to 20 minutes each time.

After a few days, switch to thermotherapy. Try applying a heating pad to the painful part of your upper or lower back. This will help relax your muscles and improve blood circulation in the affected area. Relief will be felt immediately.

Of course, you can do heat therapy in many different forms: in addition to using the heating pad, you can also take a hot shower or bath in a jacuzzi or bathtub. However, never fall asleep on a heating pad as this can lead to burns or severe collateral damage of the muscle tissue.

relieve back pain with massage fast

10. Go to a spa

Massage can be a reasonably effective therapy to relieve back pain. Also, many spas offer a beneficial space such as jacuzzi to help you relax and calm your mind.

For example, the massaging water jets help to relieve back pain – this is called hydromassage. The water jets and the air that the jacuzzi propels at high pressure, massaging, and relaxing the muscles as well as the joints. At length, this procedure will help to soothe back and also leg pain. But it doesn’t stop there, as the jacuzzi also soothes anxiety, stress, tension and reduces fatigue. Therefore, when the water jets rub the back, the whole body benefits.

11. Drink Chamomile tea

A glass of chamomile tea has unsuspected virtues. Chamomile will derail stiff muscle tissue, which is probably the cause of back pain. You can buy it pre-packaged or prepare it yourself.

  • Put a tablespoonful of chamomile flowers in a container filled with boiling water and leave to soak for 10 minutes.
  • Drink 1 to 3 glasses a day.

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12. Exercise on a big ball

Spending your life glued to your desk, or a bench, a car seat, or slumped on a couch is absolutely disastrous. When little is done, the back muscles weaken and will react to restraints by locking up. As a result, you will find yourself subscribing to permanent pain and constant blockages.
I can not emphasize enough: it is essential that you avoid any immobilization and that you do as much physical activity as you can.

Please allow you to give you a good example that might be fun: exercises on a gym ball, also known as a Swiss Ball. These exercises will help relieve back pain and also do prevent the muscle tissue from getting stiff. Choose a ball that fits your body size: when you sit on it, make the angle between your legs and your chest 120°. Before you start your workout, make sure the ball is properly inflated.

Try to make small turning movements on the ground with the help of your feet, following a fictitious circle a few tens of centimeters in diameter. This fairly light movement will make the pelvis more mobile and will relax the muscles of the spine.

13. Using the harpagophytum (Devil’s claw)

It is a natural remedy to be taken in case of severe pain. Also called “devil’s claw,” this plant has quite powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, the WHO recognizes its effectiveness in relieving various types of pain, including back pain. It exists in gel, tablets, and ampoules.

14. Mustard and clay to relieve back pain

The frenzied rhythm of contemporary society and a certain sedentarisation have actively contributed to the development of back pain, described as the evil of the century.

But there are also natural solutions to deal with the pain, such as using mustard and clay for therapeutic purposes. How can this be done? Simply apply to the affected area a cloth that you have previously soaked in a mustard infusion. It is recommended to macerate for 5 minutes a teaspoonful of mustard seeds reduced to powder-form in a bowl of boiling water. If you wish, also add some cornflour and put it on the painful area overnight.

Using clay, once you have dissolved the clay powder in water, bake the mixture so you can place it hot as a poultice for at least an hour on the painful area. These two grandmother’s recipes will relieve the pain that is rotting your life.

15. Use Tiger Balm, the miracle product for back pain

The Tiger Balm Red is a 100% natural ointment. This ointment is primarily useful in alleviating all muscular suffering in no time at all. Once you have it applied, the ointment penetrates deep into the tissue and soothes the sore parts thanks to the soft and warming sensation it spreads.

How to proceed: try to spread this ointment on the bruised parts 2 to 3 times a day. Be careful as the balm could stain clothes; it would be better to cover the treated area with an old cloth, as this way you can avoid red staining.

16. Use Tiger Balm plaster, a solution that will do good

Tiger Balm back pain patch do have undeniable and fast medicinal properties which will be of great help to you.

The patch is a form of bandage that you can put on your back that makes you suffer atrociously. But what are the benefits of this heating patch for back pain?

First of all, it is practical for people who find it challenging to apply an ointment correctly, especially when they are at work or in a car, plane etc. It is, therefore, an ideal solution capable of making your life more pleasant daily.

The medicated plaster for back pain helps to relief back discomfort, aches, and pains in the shoulder and on any muscle tear. Secondly, the patch is a perfect solution, as it does not let any odor escape and remains discreet as it is placed directly under your clothes and fits perfectly on your back. You don’t see any bumps or anything that would suggest its presence. All your coquetry or prestige will be preserved.

The particular pain relief plaster for the back is applied once you have cleaned and dried its location. In this way, the heating patch will do its job of pain relief without any problem. In this way, the plaster will help to improve blood circulation and increase the analgesic effect. As a matter of fact, it will cure back stiffness caused by cold, lumbago, and any other ailment related to back pain.

A small piece of advice: if you want to make the most of the privileges of the Tiger Balm patch, try to keep it consistently to a specific area for 6-8 hours at a time.

17. Take an epsom salt bath for back pain

Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulphate, known for its relaxing effects, can relieve back pain and calm inflammation.

  • Mix Epsom salt with hot water to make a thick paste. Wet a towel in it and squeeze out the excess liquid from the towel.
  • Place it on your back near or around the sore area.

The warmth of the towel will also reduce inflammation. You can also pour two cups of Epsom salt into your bathtub and let your body soak for half an hour.

18. Physical Therapy

Consulting a physiotherapist is also one of the most recommended solutions. A physiotherapist can teach you how to sit correctly, how to stand properly, and how to move your spine to keep it in proper alignment to relieve pressure on your back.

The physiotherapist can also teach you various specialized exercises that will help you strengthen the underlying muscles that support your back. The physiotherapist’s essential role is to restore better mobility to people affected by acute back pain, among other things, but this can take time. So be patient!

19. Keep your muscles as hydrated as possible

In order for our muscles to be supple, they need to be well hydrated. It is therefore advisable to drink a good quantity of spring water during the day. If you suffer from recurring back pain, you should drink up to 2-3 liters a day and even more if you feel the need. In fact, it is very beneficial for the whole body.

20. Look for activities that give you pleasure

We will end on a somewhat optimistic note and perhaps within everyone’s reach. Constant back pain can wreak havoc on your life, disrupting your cherished relationships, your business, and your ability to make progress at work and home. Finding activities that restore your happiness taken away by this ailment can help you neutralize stress and ease the pain.

And, you know, happiness is not that hard to achieve. Having a glass of tea with an old friend, playing with your dog, receiving a little hug from someone you care about, all these small gestures will help you smile again and make suffering more tolerable. And even having a good laugh with a friend can excite the well-being endorphins.

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