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Counterpain Muscle Relaxant Cream – Reliable Non-Steroidal Over the Counter Remedy

We offer a premium collection of Counterpain muscle relaxant cream that covers all the range of muscle and joint discomfort. You can buy the muscle relaxant cream over the counter here at a discounted price.

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Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Counterpain Cool Cream 120 gram

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Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Siang Pure Cream for Muscle Pain Relief (60g)

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Reasons why Counterpain has the most reliable reputation in the UK

The natural gel is by far the most reliable muscle relaxant cream in the UK and EU markets. The remedy comes in cool, warm, and anti-inflammatory versions to treat every aspect of pain. The balm's primary purpose is to aid and provide instant soothing relief in case of discomfort.

This muscle relaxant cream is a natural Thai remedy in the form of a gel, the main purpose of which is to help you when you find yourself in difficulty during or after physical exercise or in your daily life. It is by far the best natural pain reliever out there. The remedies are available in two versions: hot (for warm sensation) and cold (for cooling sensation):

Benefits of the Cool Version:

As mishaps do happen during exercise or in your regular daily life, the muscle relaxant cream always stands by your side. Swelling is caused by an increase of fluid inside the cell structure, also known as swelling. The cool analgesic version reduces the swelling as it gently cools the area down and aids the needed reduction of soreness.

Benefits of the Hot Version:

As for the hot version and the brand new anti-inflammatory version (Counterpain balm yellow), they will treat the worn-out tissue and joint aching caused by rheumatism, arthritis, or others. Besides, many sports athletes use these natural ointments to ease and loosen the muscle structure before and after any event. Counterpain Cream (UK Version) is created by natural ingredients such as camphor, which is also one of the main ingredients in tiger balm.

How to use the muscle relaxant cream of Counterpain efficiently

It is very easy to use, just rub a small amount of cream on the affected area and feel the suffering go away as the cool or warm effect, depending on the version chosen, kicks in. The secret weapon of this natural remedy is that it penetrates deep into the tissue in order to soothe the aching for a more extended period, rather than providing a calming effect that lasts only a few minutes. Indeed, a necessary ointment that cannot be missing from anybody's home.

A fantastic attribute of this remedy is that it doesn't stain the clothes. No more worrying about ruining a perfectly good t-shirt! As a bonus, due to its formula, it has a delightful odor.