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Thai Balm: Reliable Natural Herbal Remedies

Thailand is the home of the most reliable natural Thai Balm ointments and oils worldwide. Various trusted brands are being used for therapeutic reasons or during a massage to relieve body pain, mainly at the feet, back, and arm areas.

Cold and stuffy nose remedy

Green Tiger Balm – Thailand 50g


Cold and stuffy nose remedy

Zam Buk Ointment Cream UK


Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Golden Cup Balm – Muscle Ache Relief


Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Massage Balm UK (Yellow) 50g

9.85 8.19

Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Wang Prom Thai Balm Blue 50g (Antiseptic)


Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Siang Pure Balm Yellow or White 12g


Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Thai Massage Balm: Wang Prom White 50g


Benefits of Chinese and Thai Balm remedies

The most famous Thai balm brand, which is being used in Spa's around the world, is undoubtedly the Wangphrom brand selling the green tiger balm. Ointments from the land of smile are products that combine years of research and experience and use natural ingredients only. Some of the brands are being used for almost one century. All of the ointments are based on old Chinese balm recipes. Don't wait anymore; your body will appreciate it forever. Everyone can relate to an annoying feeling of muscle or joint discomfort. At that moment of pain, our minds go directly to the usage of creams, but which one will be safe, fast, and effective? Undoubtedly, a question torment all of us. Our natural ointments can relieve plenty of symptoms such as muscle pain, joint pain, stiffness, headaches, stomach aches, insect bites thanks to their secret, powerful formulas.

There is nothing worse than letting the pain take over and ruin your mood, becoming an obstacle for completing daily tasks, or enjoying a relaxing time with loved ones, while your body is suffering.

It is well established that a massage benefits mind and body health. This type of massage has evolved over time, and people worldwide are now enjoying its therapeutic power. It increases blood circulation, soothes muscle pain, and relaxes the mind.

Remember that pleasant aroma during your massage session in a Spa and how the energy was flowing inside your body? The use of Thai and Chinese Balm by the therapist is behind this secret aroma. Now you can enjoy this feeling any time at home by conveniently using one of our natural remedy ointments.

By combining the healing properties of Thailand's natural ointments with the medical benefits of a massage, any discomfort or pain will belong to the past. All Spa's take advantage of it, as they trust no other brands as the reliable Thai Balm.

We have gathered a premium selection of Thai Balm brands such as zam buk ointment using premium natural ingredients such as cinnamon oil, coconut oil, turmeric, and camphor. All ointments in our shop are safe and easy to use; therefore, they are a must-have for your medicine cabinet.