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Tiger Balm Ointment: Buy the Original for Cheap in UK

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A great selection of strong concentrated Tiger Balm ointment with 25% Camphor easing all muscle-related problems. Apply it directly to the affected areas to improve the blood circulation in the tissue. The unguent penetrates quickly for soothing relief of all muscle pain. Nothing is making you feel better treating cold symptoms like a stuffy nose or a headache as the Tiger Balm ointment. It is proven by many clinical studies worldwide.

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Original price was: €22.89.Current price is: €17.85.

What is Tiger Balm Ointment?

There is no need to be held hostage by joint, muscle, back pain, or cold symptoms. Tiger balm ultra strength ointment collection will get rid of the pain in just a few minutes. A perfect mix of the best natural herbs utilized in Chinese traditional medicine. Remarkably, it is being used for almost a hundred years, offering relief to a variety of pain symptoms. Most importantly, the natural ingredients which create this great cream are often preferred in modern medicine too. Undeniably, utilizing the healing power of mother Earth packed inside this little box of magic makes it the ultimate lifesaver. The best is that you no longer need to wonder where to buy Tiger Balm ointment as our specialist shop has the whole collection for you.

Tiger Balm Ointment Uses

The wide range of Tiger balm utilization is really amazing. For instance, the white version offers relief against headaches, migraines, nasal congestion, cold, menstrual cramps, stomach ache, dizziness, vertigo, insect bites, and stress. On the other hand, Tiger balm red ointment will help you when you suffer from muscle pain and sprains, arthritis, rheumatism, and joint pain. This variety is the stronger version of both. Also, it can be helpful for athletes as a complement to their warm-up routine.

How Does Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Ointment Works?

Firstly, we need to clarify that it is always best to choose the appropriate version according to the pain you are experiencing. That being said, the way the ointment works is the reason behind the fast results it offers. The essential oils penetrate fast under the skin in order to reach the deeper tissue layer. Once there, it improves blood circulation and provides relief from pain. It has been proven in many clinical studies that this approach has the best results. Depending on the version, you will notice a warm or cool sensation spreading in the application area. Each component serves a specific role while complementing each other's properties. Camphor stimulates nerve endings, promoting the analgesic effect of menthol. Both are key ingredients of the emollient. Applying a small portion with a gentle massage on the affected area is enough to ease the pain in most cases. Also, make sure you use it 2-4 times per day for best results.

What is in Tiger Balm Ointment?

As previously mentioned, it makes use of natural ingredients only. Every component is chosen after years of studying its effects and properties. To this end, we must emphasize that while all balms share some key ingredients, each one's composition is different. As each ointment targets a specific issue, the formula varies. For example, the strongest red variation includes camphor, menthol, cajeput, mint oil, clove oil, and cassia oil, while the white Tiger Balm consists of camphor, mint oil, menthol, and clove oil.

Tiger balm ointment side effects and contraindications

In general, the unguent doesn't cause any side effects when used according to direction on the box. Children less than two years old, breastfeeding women, and people with skin diseases should avoid its usage. In case you notice inflammation after applying the cream, irritation, or any other symptom that causes discomfort due to the application, stop using it immediately, wash the area, and visit a doctor.