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Tiger Balm Patch in UK- Comforts your Pain for 8 hours!

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Reliable and fast working medicated Tiger Balm patch relieving plaster. Buy the cool or warm plaster, depending on your discomfort. We recommend the warm version for all back & joint pain-related issues. The cool one should be primarily used by sports injuries to reduce the initial swelling of the tissue.

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Here is a great place to start shopping for cheap tiger balm plaster. It has a very long-lasting effect and is just perfect during sleep, traveling, or work. Did you know that they have the exact same ingredients as the regular white and red tiger balm ointment? Also, two more benefits you have are that no more clothes staining occurs as the hydro-gel will not stick to your skin. Secondly, if you prefer a gentle and light scented smell, this is the way to go.

It doesn't matter if you are a very active person who does regular sport exercises; at some point in time, your body will experience muscle discomfort. It might be because you were too eager and overdid the sports practice limit causing muscle or joint inflammation. To 90%, home treatment with the tiger balm patch and rest is sufficient to get you through the pain. Nowadays, it is very easy to combat the stinging pain in this way very easily. The body will alert you right away in the form of a pain signal that something is not right. As of this fact, the place of origin should be identified immediately in order to tackle it by applying the right formula of the tiger balm plaster. Obviously, it is essential to know under what circumstances the tiger balm patch cool or tiger balm patch warm is the correct choice for you as both are completely different treatment options. Let's take a quick peek at the difference to let you stop guessing:

When to use the tiger balm patch warm?

Mostly, when the muscle fibers start to bend or crack, the tissue becomes highly inflammatory, causing discomfort for a long time to come. Consequently, the warm plaster helps increases the blood circulation inside the damaged tissue helping it heal quicker. If you suffer tension from chronic diseases such as arthritis or rheumatism, the heat from the hot patches will give you comfort for up to eight hours. The neck and shoulder pain is mainly caused by an unnatural postural position sitting at the computer or starring at the mobile phone during a regular workday. Back pain is mostly the body's signal to you that too much heavy or wrong lifting has been done. In summary, please use the tiger balm patch warm with: back pain (lower and upper), neck and shoulder pain, arthritis, rheumatism, sprains, joint pain, osteoarthritis, muscle inflammation, stiff joints, elbow pain.

When to use the tiger balm patch cool?

The cool version is suitable in case of minor muscle tissue suffering due to a sports injury or overdoing your exercise. As there is only slight damage, the essential oils' cooling properties will reduce the swelling and calming the muscle fibers down. Further, it is beneficial when your rheumatic or arthritis joints are swollen. The tissue will naturally regenerate by itself, and no further actions need to be taken. In summary, use the tiger balm plaster cool for any sport-related muscle pain and to reduce swelling caused by arthritis or rheumatic pain.

The difference between the small and big size Tiger Balm patch

The small size is more suitable for joints such as knee or elbow. Also, use at the neck and shoulder. The big size is suitable for the upper and lower back plus all other body parts required to cover a large area.