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Tiger Oil UK, a medicated liniment for massage and pain relief

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Shop our selection of premium tiger oil gives you peace of mind that you have made the right choice. Therefore, apply where ever it hurts and feel the relaxation that will overcome you. Proven for muscle soothing – everyone trusts it, why not you?


Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Siang Pure Oil Formula 1 (Red)


Anti Inflammatory Pain Relief

Tiger Balm Oil for quick Pain Relief 28ml

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Tiger Liniment Oil, a well respected Range from Tiger Balm you can Trust

Isn't it frustrating that you all the time suffer from pain related to arthritis, backaches, or a simple stiff neck? So, applying the right product is a necessity for fast pain relief. Our reliable pain relief oil shows proven results and is well respected in the UK and EU. Health professionals widely recognized the oils due to its adequate strength. Further, many famous sports athletes and national soccer teams around the world are opting all for the tiger oil. Ask around, and an echo of encouragement towards the pain relief oil is being heard. It is also an excellent supplement to use for migraine, neck, and shoulder related problems.Proven for muscle soothing - everyone trusts it, why not you?

All our products are safe to apply and treat a broad spectrum of issues such as sprains, headaches, joint or muscle pain, shoulder related problems, rheumatic discomfort, and even symptoms caused by cold. The ingredients of the liniment ( menthol, eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint), have potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic powers. Health professionals widely recognized the range of products due to its adequate strength.

The tiger liniment oil act fast and will let you enjoy a pain-free daily life. There is no need to worry about missing a significant event or not being able to go to work. Those days will belong to the past, along with the suffering. The liniments are also widely known in high-performance sports for its beneficial and calming effects: famous athletes, professional soccer players, and Muay Thai boxers (Thai boxing) often use it!

Ask around those you have tested the Tiger Oil before: You only will hear positive and encouraging feedback about the products. They trust tiger oil, so why don't you? The formulas have been perfected over the years, and it is certain that you will love them. One of the main ingredients is camphor, an organic compound with pain-relieving properties.

Due to the use of herbal ingredients only, the tiger liniment oil have a unique, pleasant aroma that will definitely boost your mood. Our essential pain relief oil products such as kwan loong oil or tiger balm oil are the perfect home remedy and should not be missing inside your medicine cabinet. Shop online for the best Tiger oil brands based on your needs. Don't wait any longer and buy your favorite essential tiger oil online today.