Poy Sian - Essential Oil Nasal Nose Inhaler Vertigo

Nasal Inhalers

Express Soothing and a Simple Amazing Aid!

Everyone should have it in your pocket. The nasal inhaler is the perfect Vertigo treatment on the go. It stops your dizziness, stress so quick that you do not even know it. Take a very deep breath, inhale deeply and feel the essential oils doing its purpose in seconds. All are 100% herbal products and a brilliant alternative to nose sprays. The inhalers are gently to your nose. There are three types. The first type is a liquid version with an roll-on to apply the oil directly under your nose. The second option is the nasal stick which can be placed inside the nostrils for a deep inhale. The third type is a small jar which includes a secret mix of dried herbs. Just choose - A cheap bargain with long lasting effects. Poy Sian Inhaler or Ya Dom is by far the most famous brand used.

Simply inhale and feel the relaxation - so simply, but so powerful!


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