• Kwan Loong

    Kwan Loong

    Over 70 years ago a doctor who studied Traditional Chinese Medicine developed the Kwan Loong Oil to help his patients to ease pain. He got such a huge positive feeback about the medicated oil, he decided soon to develop and market his oil outside this patients circles.

  • Siang Pure

    Siang Pure

    The Siang Pure brand was founded in 1958 by Bertram. Located in Thailand, the popularity of the Siang Pure Oils and Balms spread quickly across South East Asia until it also reached huge success in Western Continents as of America, Australia, and Europe. The products are currently exported in over 78 countries worldwide.

  • Tiger Balm

    Tiger Balm

    Tiger Balm is the #1 bestselling analgesic natural balm worldwide. The brand has a wide range of products ranging from balm,medicated oil liniments, plasters to cream gels.

  • Wangprom


    In 1995 Wangphrom Herbal Center was opened by Mr. and Mrs. Charlem at one of the most famous Buddhist Temples in Thailand called What Rei Kind. As the temple operates a huge hospital focusing to help poor people, the Charlem family specialized in herbal medicine treatments to help treatment of various diseases.

  • Zam Buk

    Zam Buk

    Zam-Buk Antiseptic Herbal Ointment was produced by Charles Edward Fulford in 1902. The product is marketed as pain relief of cuts, sprains, and headaches. After the second world war the initial company was formed called Bile Beans who distributed the Zam Buk Balm across Europe.