Avocado Seed Tea Recipe – Things You Need to Know

avocado tea recipe

Did you know that 90% of the Avocado benefits are actually coming from the seed and not the meat itself? Yes, you have heard right.  If you just eat the meat and skip the seed, you are throwing away 90% of health benefits. Before we talk about what an Avocado is and the great benefits you are gaining from drinking this delicious tea, let’s get straight to the point to present the recipe of how to make this incredible and delicious tea.

How to make the Avocado Seed Tea

Step 1:

Carefully peel off the skin with a fruit peeler in order to not waste any of the meat. For the tea, we do not need the meat at all as it is purely made out of the seed. However, as the meat also contains helpful nutrients, I covered briefly some cooking some ideas of how to prepare and eat it. Please refer to the section below “Usage of Avocado Meat”.

Step 2:

avocado tea step1

As soon as you have uncovered the seed, rinse it off with clear water to get rid of all the meat left-overs from the fruit. After this is done, dry the seed with a clean kitchen towel.

Step 3:

Now, it is time be to be patient as the seed needs to completely dry out for two days. Leave the seed indoors in a shady place by room temperature for the first couple hours. As soon as the first moisture on the outside is gone, you can put it into the fridge for further storage.

Step 4:

avocado tea step2

After two days of waiting it is finally the time to get started to prepare the tea. Carefully cut the seed into thin slices (see photo) using a sharp fruit knife. For the purpose of the interior health nutrients to have the most effect on you, it is essential to use the sliced pieces for the tea.

Step 5:

The next step, place the sliced seed pieces into a cooking pot (or any other tea preparation kettle). Next, boil around 1.5 liters (50 ounces) of water to pour it over the slices.

Step 6:

For the tea to have the best infusion, let it steep for an hour before you should drink your first cup.  The tea will have a wonderful golden color shining at you. At this point, you can finish drinking your tea until just a little bit of liquid is left over. Pour another 1.5 liters over the same seed and get started again.

Some Useful Information about the Avocado Tea

In the beginning, the tea gets quite cloudy, but after a couple of infusions, the cloudiness will disappear. The tea transforms into a nice crystal clear form. No worries, just keep on drinking the tea. It does not matter or has less benefit if it is cloudy or clear. You can stop using the seed if you notice that the color and taste becomes very weak. Normally, this starts to happen after around making 1o liters. Now, it is the time to prepare a new seed to start over the process again.

With one Avocado Seed you can make ! 10 Liters! (2.5 gallons) of Tea – sound’s great, right.

avocado tea step3

Some Advice:

You should drink around 1.5 – 2 liters of tea to experience the full benefits of the tea. As the tea will flush out bad bacteria from kidney, liver, and bladder drinking this amount is very much advisable. Additionally, I add Mulberry Tea (you can add any herbal tea of your choice) into the mix to have some additional benefits and some different taste once in a while. However, please be careful and do your research as adding a wrong tea into the mixture might cause the benefits to be voided.

DO NOT FREAK OUT: Since the tea will flush and cleanse your system, your urine will become a gold color for around 3-4 weeks. Do not panic and think you have blood in your urine – It’s the tea. By the time after a maximum of 4 weeks, the urine turns back to normal.

Background Information about Avocado

The fruit’s origin is from South America where this pear-shaped looking fruit is initially coming from. However, today around the world the fruit is commercially grown in subtropical climates. The scientific name is Persea Americana which is a fairly wide bushy and around 4-6 meter high tree. Since there are many different kinds of Avocado grown in different regions such as the Hass- and Miniature-Avocado, the Fuerte version is by far the most popular and widespread kind to buy in the supermarket.

Unfortunately, for 1 pound (500g) of this delicious fruit, a farmer needs ‘500 liters (125 gallons) of water. As the tree is quite a water thirsty, you should appreciate every little piece of the Avocado. Try to buy organic and fair-trade products which are a little bit more expensive, but you will do something good to support poor farmers.

How to store the Avocado

As the Avocado does ripe very quickly in room temperature conditions, you should keep them right away in the fridge inside a proper avocado storage container. A ripe Avocado can be kept for 8 days inside the fridge. In case you like to accelerate the ripening process, here are three simple ways of how to do it:

  1. Add the Avocado with a banana into a plastic bag and keep it at room temperature
  2. Cover the Avocado completely in flour and put it into a glass or plastic bag.
  3. Add the Avocado into a bag of apples

As earlier mentioned, the seed should be dried out with regular room temperature in a not sunny sport inside your house. After the initial period, you can keep the seed for several weeks inside the fridge as well.

The Usage of Avocado Meat

Even if we are just concerned about the seed to get your tea done, you should not waste the meat itself. There are quite many ways of how to use it for cooking or snacking. As I will not deeper go into this topic, here some quick ideas of what you can do:

  • Cut in slices and eat cold on top of a bread
  • Avocado Dip
  • Avocado-Soup
  • Add into Salad or make a salad sauce
  • Add into Sushi
  • Mix with sugar, lemon, and milk for a sweet dessert (add Ice Cream if you like)
  • A recommendation of mine to read the following book: “Absolutely Avocado“. It is a great way to explore new avocado recipes.

Health Benefits of Avocado Seed Tea

No doubt, the Avocado is a very healthy fruit with many health benefits. As I have earlier mentioned, 90% of the actual benefit lies in the seed and not the fruit meat.  These proven facts can help you to get rid of many vitamin supplements by simply drinking the tea. Hint: Saves you money & get you healthier.

Can help to lower Cholesterol and Triglyceride

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association shows that the Avocado can lower “Bad” LDL Cholesterol. At the same time, it helps to improve the “Good” HDL Cholesterol levels in your blood. These levels are essential for a healthy heart and superb blood circulation.

High Antioxidants Levels (High Vitamin Content)

Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin E are just some of the nutrients your body will adsorb while drinking this delicious tea. The high amount of various vitamins let you build a strong immune system against bacteria and viruses.

Flushes your Kidney & Bladder

The Kidney’s main functions are a perfect balance of your liquid levels, and it filters out all the good minerals, vitamins, and nutrients needed for your body to stay healthy. However, all too often is this organ overpowered by the huge amount of “bad” food intake causing painful kidney stones as a result. In order to keep it healthy, the high dosage of anti-inflammatory properties will flush out and cleanse the whole kidney and bladder tract. This is why your urine will turn into a  gold color.

Can Regulate your Blood Levels

A study from a Mexican University concludes that the tea has a high ability to balance the glucose levels in your blood. These levels are quite important when Diabetes plays a role for you or just for the overall health benefit. Another advantage is gained by maintaining a balanced blood pressure. For example, if your blood pressure is high the tea will gently lower it to a safe level. In contrast, if your level is low, it will increase the level to an appropriate safe reading.

You Become more fit and overall health improves

If you have a tendency to be sleepy during the day in need of a nap for feeling overall down in your mood, the high nutrient intake from the tea creates higher energy levels. (source: NHANES USA survey)

Helps to Improve Digestion

The tea aids a lot of insoluble fibers into the digestive tracts to gain regular and easy bowel movements. For this reason, many of the bad bacteria that accumulate while eating processed food can be eliminated and safely taken out of the body before damage can occur.

Can help to Lower Risk of Cancer

Many studies have shown that the Avocado can help to lower the cancer risk. As the fruit contains carotenoids and monounsaturated fat which are one of the key players for a good protection. In addition, a high level of an antioxidant such as Glutathione is a second layer to reduce or to eliminate free radicals.

Disclaimer: This article provides general information only. The views expressed have no relation to academic or medical practice. Always talk to your primary health provider to seek professional medical advice.

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  1. tammartinez says:

    Ok my last comment did not post correctly. Let’s try again ????
    How many days or weeks do you drink the 1.5-2 liters of tea for the benefits of cleansing liver, kidney etc?

    • utopia_editOhLisa799644 says:

      Hi, please drink the tea for at least 3 months to see the first benefits. I drink 1.5 liters of the tea Monday to Fridays and take a break during the weekend. Personally, I still drink the tea as a daily routine since 5 years now and never had any major health issues or bad colds ever since.The seed is not only good for cleansing, but also very beneficial to boost your overall
      immune system.

    • utopia_editOhLisa799644 says:

      You can grate the seed and add into your salad or use as the tea as be described here. As the avocado has anti-inflammatory properties it will help to fight bronchial and throat related inflammation to ease asthma symptoms.Also, it reduces swelling of the nerve functions causing back pain

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