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Our cleverly researched weight loss psychology tips will help to loose your pounds permanently. I am sure you have read hundreds of great tips on how to archive it, but at the end, you are not quite successful. Many, lose weight for a certain time, but end up with a similar weight of how you have started. There, are three major psychology weight loss factors that you need to combine to be successful in the long run. Your mind, your eating behavior, and your exercise routine are the key factors which we will explore today.

Psychological Aspect for Weight Loss

Get a Strong Will Power

Imagine, you are walking down the street and the great smell of delicious pizza or hamburgers are coming your way. As your nose is now on high alert, it is often the millisecond of weakness that you go inside the shop to eat this delicious smelling food. Afterward, once your desire comes down, you start to get angry at yourself and feel bad. Once again, you have spoiled your diet plan because of weakness.

Advertising’s main goal is to play with our minds. Many psychological tricks are being used to activate your subconscious mind without you even knowing it. At a later point, your subconscious creates this brief thought to buy certain things. Once again, you are being fooled by these big companies. Keep this in mind for the next time a thought of desire comes your way to rethink who actually created it. Was it you, or was it the advertising?

Our tip: Avoid watching advertising as much as possible and say NO to all thought desires coming your way. Be sure it is your own and not an advertising message implant.

Always Stay Positive

In the morning and in the evening tell yourself: I can do it, I have the will-power to lose weight and change my lifestyle. Repeat this as many times as possible. This technique will reset your mind very well. I highly recommend reading this book Power of Subconscious Mind from Joseph Murphy which already was published in 1963! The author will show you more in-depth incredible ways of how to change yourself. Using his proven techniques you can change how you think for good.

Our tip: Avoid negativity as much as possible. Also, train yourself to think positive

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Stay Strong

In certain situations, you are getting bored, resulting to spend your time to nibble on this snack or on that one. Mostly, while you are watching TV in the evening, the desire overpowers you to eat. Stop it, and just occupy yourself with something else or concentrate on the TV only.

Every day our mind focuses for at least 180 to 240 minutes on certain desires such as buying, eating, and sexual ones. The problem here lies in the weakness of humans itself. Humans tend to be curious about many things and this curiosity plays an important role to constantly create new desires.

As being bombarded by so much influence, at the end of the way exhaustion kicks in. As a result, an impulse to eat something sweet is created.

Our Tip: First, create your big goal, but do not concentrate on it too much. Secondly, create smaller daily goals which are much easier to archive. For example, stop snacking in the evening time and only drink water instead. Do it step by step and not stop everything all at once. This creates uneasiness and unhappiness. Do it slowly but steadily.

Rest Well

Another key factor to lose weight is to have a good night sleep. You should have at least 8 hours of deep sleep for your body to recharge completely. Make an effort to go to bed earlier.

Healthy Food for Weight Loss

Change your Eating Behavior:

A high ratio of body fat creates a high health risk such as high cholesterol and sugar levels causing major cardiac diseases to develop. With this in mind, a well-balanced food diet is a must. The most dangerous body fat is actually around your belly. As other fat deposits are quite helpful such as on your butt or underneath your feet. Once losing weight, the first area to discover it, is actually the face as the body loses weight from top to bottom. An often mistake being done is to eat almost nothing. Sure it will reduce some of your fat, but it will also reduce your muscles. This should not be the goal. Remember to decrease body fat, and at the same time to increase the muscle structure. In addition, this behavior will create nutrient deficits in your body resulting in various deceases.

Tip: Eat your dinner at 6-7 pm and not later as your body need time to burn before bedtime. Furthermore, eat regularly throughout the day, so that your system will not go on emergency mode. This mode is created by your body to burn less if you eat less. However, if you start to eat more, the metabolism system is still in emergency mode. Consequently, only the minimum is burned. Result: Gaining Weight quite quickly again.

Eat more Healthy:

Create your own low fat, low sodium, and low sugar diet. All these three are the main cause of gaining weight.

  1. Skip all processed sugar intake from sweets, cakes, candies. Instead, switch to fruits to substitute your sugar levels in your body. Fruit sugar (Fructose) is completely recognized by your body and will never be converted into fat tissue.
  2. A high amount of bad fat (fast food, chips etc.) increases the risk of heart attacks as they clog your veins. Also, the bad fats will create a huge amount of body fat cells as well.
  3. A low salt diet is more about being more fit and supporting your cardiac and metabolism system. As too much salt intake can create an imbalance of your body fluid household, high blood pressure is a result of it.

Tips: Use only good oil such as Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Sesame Oil or Avocado Oil for cooking and food preparation. In addition, eat small portions of fruit during the day, and only eat less than 5 grams of salt every day.

Eat Fiber based Good Carbohydrates

Bad Carbohydrates are yet another factor in creating fat cells in your body. In fact, you can eat a healthy fiber version of it. Avoid ALL white based carbohydrates such as white rice, white bread, and white pasta. Instead, switch to brown colored ones which have a lot of good fiber to benefit you, plus your digestive system will be more active.

Tip: Create your own SPOIL-DAY once in a while. As you have worked hard in recent weeks, it is worthwhile looking forward to eating your favorite food just on this day. This will create happiness and proudness of your archived goals so far. Do it every 10 – 14 days for example

Stay Hydrated / Adjust Metabolism

You should drink at least 2-4 liters of water during the day to stay hydrated so that your body can function normally.

Do a Detox

As many toxins are being absorbed by bad food, a one-time detox course to cleanse out your bowel system should be undertaken. For example, an all natural colon cleanse tea kit is quite a good natural choice. All bad bacteria will be flushed out creating a habitat for a good colon flora. Your goal should be to have regular constipation daily or every two days.

Exercise for Weight Loss

Do Cardio Training

Also Interesting: Use the exercise afterburn effect for your advantage

Your main goal should be to replace the fat cells with muscles. I personally, recommend starting with at least 30 minutes of bicycling per day. You can increase the duration over time. As using a bicycle is less stressful for your knees as running. In addition, jogging will only reduce water-weight, but not fat-cell weight. Keep this in mind. Surely, you can do jogging, but all the body weight is being absorbed by your knees which can cause muscle strain issues over time. Instead, on a bike, all the weight is being equally distributed all over your body. Another advantage of bicycling is that it has an after-burn effect. What is it? Let me explain. If for example, you exercise for 30 minutes, your body will add another 30 minutes on top of it. You have heard right, the body will burn fat for 60 minutes. Isn’t this incredible.

Do Muscle-Gain based Training

As earlier mentioned, losing body fat alone isn’t sufficient enough to change your new body structure. I recommend talking to a good personal trainer at your gym. The trainer will personalize your training plan on your specific needs. If you do not have a lot of experience going to the gym, this will be a great start to being with.


To summarize, combine all three key points to archive your initial goal. Please keep in mind that even after reaching your goal, you should obey the rules mentioned above.

If you go back to your old habits, nothing is being archived.

Changing to a healthier lifestyle will bring only good benefits to you. As long as you are young, your body can absorb many things, but only to a certain point. Once getting older the body’s strength is becoming less and less. This will create even bigger health problems for you down the road.

Your Motto should be: Stay healthy and have a long life

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