Avoid having a bad day in Only 2 Steps

bad day

When people having a bad day, we all know how these days do start. Right after waking up in the morning everything goes downhill from start to end. It’s a bad day. Many little nuances start to add up until the good mood begins to change and crankiness takes over. Arrrrrgh!!, Damn !!! Why today??? These or similar thoughts start to pop up as nothing goes right. Many of us do have these days once in a while, but others have it on a regular basis and this starts to hit the psych immensely.

Wouldn’t it be great to limit these “Bad Hair Days” and say good bye once and for all. Well, I am going to tell you a way to reduce or even eliminate a bad day in only 2 simple steps. It is very easy to implement and only some minor changes in the daily routine are necessary:


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It sounds silly, but this is one of the reasons why many have problems to survive the days. I hear it a lot when somebody claims that for him/her 5-6 hours sleep are good enough. Maybe your conscious mind (brain) might connote this way, but your body functions will tell a different story. Hundreds, maybe thousands of different studies show and proof that everyone should sleep at least 8 hours for the body to regenerate and stay healthy.

In case you have some sleeping issues that causes constant interruption of your sleep, I can give you some very powerful tips of how to sleep much better:

  • Do not drink or eat anything at least 2-3 hours prior going to bed as the metabolism system is quite active to digest all the intakes. This causes a natural delay of being sleepy before bedtime.
  • Keep your bedroom dark and close the shutters or curtains all the way. Sun or street light from the outside will interfere with your sleeping pattern. If the bedroom is too bright, the brain gets a signal to stay alert. Only once a specific section of the brain (darkness hormones) are activated, we feel relaxed, drowsy, and have our well rested sleep. In case only regular curtains are present, please change them with full light blocking blackout curtains. These kind of curtains will dramatically help to improve your sleep.
  • Of cause some believe that Feng Shui also might play a role in sleeping problems. This part is open for discussion and you can do some more research on it, if you like.
  • Always sleep on a comfortable mattress which needs to be replaced every 8-10 years. A mattress has to give solid support for the bod’s back. If this is not the case, a lot of movement during sleep start to happen. As of this reason, you might sleep but never reach REM phase (the most important). In addition, choose your pillows wisely depending on the sleeping habits (sleep on back, moving a lot..)


Our human body is made out of 60% of water, and therefore pure water plays an important role in our life. However,you need to follow some basic drinking rules:

  • Right away, once waking up drink one or two glasses of water before you do anything else. This also include brushing your teeth, checking your phone or combing the hair.
  • Throughout the day, drink always 30 minutes before any food intake two glasses of water. Some small sips during eating are fine. Please keep in mind that even a small snack or eating an apple counts as food intake.
  • Avoid drinking any water 2 hours prior bedtime


This is quite easy to implement and will help people having a bad day. Try it for a couple of weeks in order to see an improvement. It is quite important to stay hydrated during the day. Any coffee or soda beverages that contain a lot of sugar do have the opposite effect. Depending on the climate you live in, try at least to drink 2-3 liters of water or avocado seed tea (recipe see link). It might be quite hard during winter times as the body does not desire a thirsty feeling, but apply it as a habit.

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