Natural relief for Knee Pain

Knee Pain Remedies & Symptoms

Knee pain is widespread, especially since the knee joints are undoubtedly the most used joints in our body. This is why they are mainly exposed to trauma, infections, arthritis, and natural wear and tear due to age.

All of this, of course, leads to pain, sometimes quite excruciating, which often has an altering impact on our lives and our habits. There are always natural relief for knee pain solutions to ease the suffering, whether you are an athlete or severely affected by arthritis.

What causes knee swelling without injury?

First of all, it is essential to determine the type of pain to better choose the appropriate treatment. This pain may appear after a trauma, or it may come gradually over time. It is referred to as mechanical pain when it is aggravated by movement, walking, genuflecting, standing, or going up and down the stairs.

Pain is considered as inflammatory when it wakes you up from a deep sleep or is with you day in day out. Symptoms that may be added to the gonalgia include swelling of the knee, some stiffness, rubescence, or warmth in the knee joints.

Osteoarthritis or gonarthrosis is the most common knee disease. It is when your knee hurts when you go up and down stairs or get up from a sitting position. In fact, these are the most common symptoms but also limping, and joint effusions are very common, too

Actually, there are many causes of this pain. It can be due, among other things, to a shock, a fractured femur, elongation, rupture of the ligaments. Or the origin could be mechanical: gonarthrosis, age-related meniscus fracture, tendonitis, or septic arthritis. It should also be noted that obesity, the practice of certain rather intense sports activities, such as football and rugby, the constant wearing of heels, as well as the lack of flexibility may facilitate the appearance of knee joint pain.

Skiing and running enthusiasts sometimes find themselves forced to leave their equipment in the changing rooms. These sports activities stimulate the knee joint considerably and can damage the menisci or ligaments. However, this does not mean that you have to stop all regular physical activities because the joints can also deteriorate when you neglect them!

You can then opt for less aggressive sports such as swimming or cycling, but avoid long journeys. Swimming is undoubtedly the most appropriate sport for a natural relief for knee pain. A skateboard can do the trick as well! While sitting on the seat, you can roll it with your foot from front to back.

Overweight is one of the factors that can also amplify knee pain. When you walk, your knees are exposed to a force equivalent to up to six times your body weight. So you can see why knees deteriorate four or five times more in obese people. Gonarthrosis is more common in people with weight problems. Therefore, make the afford and start losing weight to reduce your pain.

How to prevent knee pain?

To prevent knee joint pain, you must first and foremost anticipate the increase in problems beforehand. First of all, it is essential that you pay attention to your weight. Do you know, for example, that about 5 kg of excess weight can increase the load on the knees by about 27 kg with each step, which could precipitate wear and tear on the cartilage. A reduction in weight is therefore necessary and will help to considerably reduce the pressure on the knees and thus greatly relieve knee joint pain !

In addition, it would be preferable to enhance the muscles surrounding the knees, such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, and twin muscles. This will allow you to strengthen the knee joints and reduce mechanical trauma and injuries caused by overexertion. To do this, we can advise you to ride a stationary home trainer bike or climb stairs.

Maybe, and on another level, try to choose the right shoes, and especially avoid hi-heel shoes, except perhaps for a few occasions. Because these kinds of shoes can distort the alignment of the ankles, knees, and will put additional and unnecessary stress on the lumbar spine. As a result, the knees will provide additional efforts to absorb shocks, which could explain the emergence of pain and early wear and tear of the knee joints.

If you also want a natural relief for knee pain or treat your knee pain, a healthy and balanced diet daily is essential and unavoidable. Eating small fish such as sardines, but also eating plenty of vegetables can help prevent these health problems. Chia seeds, cranberries, among others, are perfect for joint health, just like borage vegetable oils. And don’t lose sight of turmeric, which should also be your best ally in the kitchen.

However, in case it is impossible to anticipate, or it is too late to do so, don’t worry, there are always ways to reduce pain and inflammation in the knee joints.

Best home remedy for knee pain

There are, of course, drug treatments, and in some cases, surgery is unavoidable. However, there are natural remedies, which are very effective and have only a few side effects. For example, it might be better to abandon chemical anti-inflammatory drugs that frequently cause other issues down the road. We highly recommend opting for the best home remedy for knee pain as they are the most reliable remedies because the long term relief is much more efficient. Some people will talk about grandmother’s remedies, but it is to their credit that these treatments have proven to be beneficial time after time.

We offer a wide range of natural relief for knee pain balms that have a particularly miraculous formulation and have the power to soothe knee joint pain immediately. This is the case of the Counterpain cream, which has an undeniable analgesic power and whose use does not present any difficulties. Moreover, its use does not cause any undesirable effects. All you have to do is spread it on your sore knee and gently rub it in.

You’ll feel an immediate life-saving effect, and you can finally get some relief. Do not hesitate to repeat the treatment, even several times a day, if the pain persists. Use for several days will significantly help to reduce the pain caused by arthritis or joint problems.

Further, the Tiger Balm ointment is also available in the form of a pain relief plaster. This brand has innovated by creating patches in addition to the full range of ointments effective against the pain of common joint types. The warm plaster has also proved to be effective, just apply it to the painful area for a few hours. But before doing so, remember to clean the affected area thoroughly and dry it before using the hot patch. You can also apply it to any muscle area at the end of the training sessions.

This organic plaster consists of ingredients extracted from natural plants such as camphor, menthol, cajeput essence. The hot patches from Tiger Balmwill act on the painful parts and act as an anti-inflammatory by soothing and erasing your knee joint problems. Once applied, the patch will improve blood circulation and immediately produce a warm sensation on the skin.

Free of chemicals with no side effects!

Tiger Balm, an infallible remedy!

First of all, don’t worry, there is no tiger in its composition. Genuine red tiger balm is an effective ointment that will help relieve knee joint pain, among other things.

With its anti inflammatory, anesthetic, and relaxing power, this ointment will aid as a natural relief for knee pain. Apply it to the bruised area and rub gently. This action will spread the ointment over the skin and quickly soothe the pain thanks to its warming and then cooling effect. This power is due to several plants and Tiger oil that compose it.

Knee joint pain is challenging to relieve. Red Tiger Balm can be a great help in calming this kind of problem. It’s anti inflammatory, and anesthetic power can provide effective relief from knee pain. It is simple to use.

You just need to take a zest of the ointment and spread it on the bruised part by rubbing it for a long time, and you will immediately feel the soothing effect, thanks to its double-action heating and cooling.

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